Thanks everyone for a great day. I’m always glad when everyone makes it off the course in one piece. I screwed up the results in the men’s 18 mile race. I thought Zeller was in the under 39 age bracket. So, many apologies to Chris Mowell who was actually 3rd in the under 39 age division. We’ll be sending young Mr. Mowell a care package of schwag (plus a free entry to next year’s event, which might be earlier in the year, more later...) to make up for my blunder.
So the amended overall standings are…

Men 39 and under
1- Brian Monton
2- Jason Bennett
3- Christopher Mowell

Men 40 and over
1- Jeff Zeller
2- Ed Ekstrom
3- Dave Beadle

I'll post the rest of the top winner tomorrow.

Thanks to Doug M. for the video, he called the race, "stupid fun," we think that's quite appropriate..

Video of trails